Thursday, July 9, 2009

What ever happened to predictability? The milkman? The paperboy? Evening TV?

We have made it to Assisi, and, as if to prove God's joy at us for making this pilgrimage, the food prices are so reasonable here, we might actually up our budget to two meals a day.
To be honest and fair, Assisi would be worth coming to even if we had to remain on our meager 1 meal a day. Chris swears that he is getting used to it anyway. Says his stomach is shrinking. Meanwhile, I think mine has been getting to the point where Italians are pointing and laughing at my borgborigamy.
(which in Italian is called d').
I think I am still a little surprised that we made it here. Yesterday, at some point in the Vatican, Chris must've made some inappropriate comment (probably something about fruit) and got smited by way of our trusty watch. It just stopped working. It's only about 2 weeks old (having remembered that we needed one a few days prior to the trip whilst in Target with Megan). It wasn't the nicest of watches, but believe me when I said that we mourned the loss. None of these hotel rooms have alarm clocks and, for those of you who know me, I get worried about oversleeping sometimes. Andrew, Becky, and Chris know this fact very well and could probably entertain any of you hours with stories.
But I digress.
The train from Rome was really easy to find and was much nicer than either of us had expected based on our previous encounter with Italy's regional trains (really? we got begged for drinks of our empty sodas? That's just awkward). The ride here was filled with tunnels and sunflowers. In that order. Once here, we basically followed the other American tourists into the walled medieval city.
It is so cool.
The closest thing to it that I can think of is those old pictures of the hills of San Francisco. Or the opening credits of Full House. Except, narrow the streets to be only one way and remove the Tanner family happily picnicking. Then, instead of brightly colored gingerbread houses, place white stone medieval buildings and more flower pots and garden-y things than you can imagine. And have everyone speaking Italian.
So not quite like Full House.
We have walked around a little, and I may have even found some souvenirs. Tonight (it's 8pm here. I can tell because the bells just rang), we are heading to a nearby piazza for a free concert. It is probably something we would think was lame at home, but here it will be fun.
Okay. Clarification. You can't lie in Assisi. I would probably think it would be fun at home, but Chris would think it was boring and I would go along with him.
The concert wound up being the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra from New York. I apologize. The grammy award winning Vanguard Jazz Orchestra. They mentioned the grammy a few times. At the concert, being haragued by nuns were the members of the US Olympic boxing team, who were in town to train with the Italian team. I know when I think boxing, I think Assisi and jazz.
The concert took place in a piazza by a building that is now a church, was once a monastery, and before that a temple for the goddess Minerva. (Basically picture a roman temple with columns and add a crucifix).

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  1. Full House! I didn't even read this post yet, the title just got me excited.

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