Monday, July 20, 2009

If its not Baroque, don't fix it

Today, after a delicious goulash for lunch (in Germany, the big dinner type meal is eaten at lunch) we headed to Bruschal's Baroque palace. It was pretty interesting. We thought about buying a baroque palace ourselves but cannot imagine the cost to air condition it.
In this palace, there was a museum of automatic musical instruments.
For example:

However, this was by far Chris's favorite...

Sorry if that gives you nightmares...

Following all this fun (Chris has decided that he learned to play a musical instrument while in Germany -- all he has to do is crank it or push a button), we got to eat Black Forest cake in the Black Forest region of Germany!

It was another perfect day with Jenny and her parents. Thanks again.


  1. I saw a scary clown in the screenshot and was all, "DO NOT WANT" because hello, I am about two seconds away from going to bed and creeper clowns are not something one wishes to see before sleeping. *shudder*
    Is this Jenny the same girl who visited our English class one time?

  2. Tell Jenny HIIIIII from everyone. I know quite a few people who are very excited about her coming to America soon =)