Thursday, July 2, 2009

So I'm packing my bags for the misty mountains

Some videos of today's hike...

The Beginning

The Middle

And, The End!

After hiking, we went to a restaurant called BeFed (, at which, Chris swears this is true, we were put in the Americans only section. He, however, faced this obvious persecution by happily ripping into his chicken and wondering if it was appropriate to tip in Italy. He certainly showed them.
Tomorrow we head to Venice, where if my mom's predictions are true, Chris and I will take a gondola around while Mike serenades us with his Japanese-born karaoke skills.
Later gators!


  1. Borrrrrrring! You two birds need to make some videos with some people in them!!!! I'd like to see dark knee socks and shorts on men - or something of the know, just some funny Italians that us "Americans" can laugh at.....or, as you mother just mentioned, some hot Italians that we can meet up with in the Czech Republic for some dinner and dancin'.

    We (your mother, father, Laura, my mother, father and I), just returned from OP's (I got some take out Chicken Cordon Bleu for you to eat, when you get back). Ice cream at the Crossroads was wayyyyyy better than your stinkin gelatto!!!!

    Also, Chris, you looked "fine" in that sumo-suit, but of course, you know that.

    Try not to miss me toooooo much!!!!

    Love and kisses: Sara

    ps: Portia (remember, your dog), is now my work-horse and has been carrying my chair and snacks down and up from the beach. Hate to say it, but I don't think she misses you very much....what with all the snausages and stuff.....kidding. Chow!!! (that is how we "Americans" pretend to be Italian

  2. Ha least someone is putting Portia in her place in your stead =)

  3. Did you know Venice just got it's first lady gondolier? (And yes, I did have to look up the spelling of gondolier.)

  4. We just finished a wonderful Intalian dinner al fresco on the lakeside veranda overlooking our pristine lake! Everyone enjoyed the roasted garlic, shrimp (cold with horseradish/ketsup sauce, and warm with galic butter) followed by pasta with meat souce. Awesome! Guess where we're going to get our soft ice cream dessert? (CR is the abbreviation.) Who needs you stinkin' gelatto (comment courtesy of Sara)? Looking forward to your next post. Portia is actually behaving quite nicely. (UF) Everyone says hello and sends love (and envy).