Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rock Lobster

Last night Chris and I went to the Kandinsky exhibit at the Centre Pompidou. It was great to finally see modern art instead of all the *yawn* Renaissance art in Italy. Even the building itself was cool. There were a ton of people hanging out around the building, even an elderly Asian man with a guitar singing 10,000 Maniacs "What's Going On?" We unfortunately didn't think to take a video of him (or of the fire juggler who kept dropping his torches).
Afterwards, we walked along the Seine and saw:
Parisian break dancing.

Today, we headed out to the St. Michel fountain, the Shakespeare and Co. bookstore (where I did a little nerdy happy dance), and finally to the Notre Dame cathedral. To bake in the sun. For hours.

First, after 2 hours, came the:
Best. Floats. Ever. (Note how excited I -Alice- got at the sight of giant Haribo)

Then, 1 hour in the sun later.

Most times, we would've been annoyed to have sunburn from standing for that long...but then we saw this.

In case you can't tell, his shirt says "Papy Dance".

And finally, we headed to Caffe Cambronne. A restaurant by our hotel. With the best waiter ever. In addition to teasing our inability to complete our dinner (and by our, we of course mean Alice), he also gave me a guided tour of the desserts.

Here is Chris eating dinner.


  1. We were at the beach...

    Everybody had matching towels. Somebody went, under a dock, and there they saw a ROCK!

  2. Was that his first time eating snail? Probably one of my favorites.

  3. Snails are best served raw with some garlic and foie gras over a basil leaf. Hope that wets your appetite.

  4. Hearing Katy Perry in France totally cracked my shit up. I think I was laughing for five solid minutes. IS THERE NO PLACE ON EARTH THAT IS SAFE FROM TERRIBLE AMERICAN MUSIC? Ahh!

    Chris’s face when he tried the escargot was pretty hilarious as well. :)