Saturday, July 25, 2009

Paris holds the key to your heart – You'll be “tres jolie” and so smart.

Yesterday we boarded at Basel SBB and headed north to Paris. About four hours of train riding, and about thirty minutes of navigating the metro, we arrived.
Last night we headed out the the Eiffel Tower.

Which is very tall.
Very tall.
But when you stand below it, it's easy to think “Hey. I could climb that.”
And then you forget what people told you – that if you're scared of heights, take the elevator. Do not take the stairs...

We took the stairs.
Allow a rephrase.
Chris took the stairs. I slowly walked up the stairs wondering why in the world they would design something like this and put holes in the floor and steps. Holes from which you could see where you were. And how high you were.
And did I mention that it was windy?
We made it to the first floor (which is high up). It was pretty.

And by pretty, I mean pretty high up.
We tried to go up to the next level, but it was so windy that the tower actually started to sway in the gusts. There were tourists falling off left and right and there were police officers everywhere trying to get people to form orderly lines for the exit.
There were squall warnings.
The Wicked Witch soared past on a bicycle.

Oh wait. That was part of one of the movies that they show clips from on the first floor.
Clips of people jumping off the tower. Of things falling from the tower. Of the horrible dangers of the tower.
I made it halfway to the second level and gave up.
I know... pathetic.
We did, however, get some French Onion soup...

Currently, we are cleaning up after our biking tour. It was an awesome 13.5km. We got to see a lot of stuff we would not have seen otherwise and had an awesome lunch in a great little patisserie. We absolutely recommend it to anyone who comes to Paris.
We met at Notre Dame:

Chris almost fell:

Riding through the Louvre:

Bonus points for those who know where the title comes from.

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  1. the title is a song that they sing in Anastasia!
    yep. i know, because i love demetri! :)