Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Swiss Fondue was a fon-don't.

oday we packed up our bags (again) in Luzerne and boarded our train for Interlaken. The trainride was probably one of the prettiest journeys we have taken in our lives. It went through the Alps and around Alpine lakes. All the travelers had their windows open and many were leaning out of them.

Once here, we went through Interlaken and wound up getting that most Swiss of meals – Fondue. Our big problem, though, was that the restaurant encouraged its eaters to partake in the meal on the patio, in view of the Alps. Apparently, the smell of raw meats and hot oil attracts bugs. Who knew? We spent the majority of our meal shooing bugs away from our food and as a result, we can only really describe the meal as okay.

Fortunately, the Swiss chocolate is not at all disappointing. Quite the opposite. I will be throwing away all of my clothing and souvenirs in Basel and filling my luggage entirely with candy. Bars and bars of chocolates and bags and bags of gummy bears.

Those of you who know me know that this is a very real possibility. And that I am a notoriously awful sharer.

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  1. You can buy new clothes in the States. Swiss chocolate is harder to find. I think you know what you should do.