Monday, July 13, 2009

A Frenzy in Firenze

Crikey. Today we beheld the elusive tourista americanus in its native habitat. First spotted outside the duomo, the tourista americanus was spotted wearing its trademark baseball caps, “I love NY” tshirts, and sour expressions. We were fortunate enough to hear its call: “whud dya meen those people wont letyouin? theya let otha people in shho-oort shorts in theyair.”
The Florentines appeared ecstatic, however, as it is tourist season. We think this means that they can shoot them.

We are going to let the videos of the duomo speak for themselves. That is, once we have real internet and can post the videos. We are kinda "borrowing" internet.
As for our visit to the Uffizi, we suspect that it would've been better to do this museum before Rome rather than after. We have now seen more baby Jesus's and crucifixion scenes than we ever thought possible.

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