Friday, July 3, 2009

How do you make a Venetian blind?

By poking his eyes out, silly.
We are way too exhausted to offer a proper post on our trip to Venice so will let the videos speak for themselves for now. It is almost 3am here so we are pretty beat. We will explain everything tomorrow. We are aware that we have been lazy the past 2 days, and just posted videos and didn't really say anything.

This video is for Sara. You can't get these at Crossroads. Gellatos. For 15 Euros. Each. I think part of my soul died today when I settled the bill. We blame Mike for this one.


  1. "To eat this ice cream effectively you must laugh at all poor people who walk by."
    ...Okay then. ;)

  2. Really because my favorite part was the people going at it in the background of one of the videos. Classic.