Monday, June 29, 2009

paging Don Johnson

confession: I over-research trips. I like to have a mental map of the area and a good idea where I could either find amusement or at least a good meal. One of the many details I learned about Italy prior to our arrival was that Italians are fashion forward.

If this is true, then here are the two big trends about to make their way stateside:
1. the Italian landlady look. A housedress. And a perm. And oversized eyeglasses. Even practical when mowing the lawn.
2. Miami Vice. First noticed in the aeroporto and reiterated at the pirateship bar (I mean the restaurant where we got pizza and soda). That's right - pull out your pastels, pop your collars, and turn up the Tears for Fears.

Who knew?


  1. Curly hair? Check. Oversized sunglasses? Check. All I need is a housedress. =P

  2. Italy is bringing sexy back. Fo sho.