Saturday, June 27, 2009

I can't believe that I'm sharin a kebab with the most beautiful girl I have ever seen with a kebab.

I know. You have to see it to believe it. A beautiful town like Sacile, Italy and an evening at a pirateship bar! Enjoy the pics!

oh wait. No pics. :(
In our attempt at minimalist packing, we (*cough cough* Chris) have forgotten our USB cord that connects are camera to our computer. See part of the problem is that we just got a fancy new video camera, as evidenced by all of the fantastic and Oscar-worthy videos you have been privileged with below. This camera has a USB doohickey built into the side. No need to remember cords, because you push in a button, and a USB arm pops out. Much like a Transformer. Only instead of a gun, or a sword, or a real arm, its a USB plug. Our other camera does not have such a device on it. And no matter how many buttons we pushed, knobs we turned, or promises of the Allspark we whispered gently into its ears (because, as we know, cameras do have ears), we could not get it to transform into a camera with a built in USB arm.

The lack of pictures will soon be remedied and you too can enjoy the sights of Sacile (pronounced 'sah chEElay' --

While there, we enjoyed doner kebab. Not to be confused with Donner kebabs, or Dahmer kebabs...I'm sure those things are very different (at least I would hope). You see, a doner kebab is a traditional Italian...err I mean Turkish (because when I think of Italy I think of all the great Turkish food that can be had here...?) food that is kind of like a gyro with shaved meat. It was pretty delicious and followed by, surprisingly, gelatos. Very soon after said gelatos, Chris placed a sort of gelato embargo on the next few days of our trip. For some (boys, perhaps, who are made of things other than sugar, spice, and those other silly ingredients), 3 gelatos in 3 days is too many (to which Alice replies that I have to eat snails in Paris, followed by a trip to Korea for some puppy dog tails, since that is what little boys are made of).

Tonight for dinner we went to pirateship bar. It may not have been an actual pirateship, it could have been any kind of ship really, but isn't it more fun to think it was a pirate ship? Not only could have we been enjoying a nice dinner, but there was also the chance of finding buried treasure.
Now, when we say pirateship bar, you might be picturing a boat. Well you are kind of right. It's more like half a boat. Inside a building. With a seaside mural on the walls. And instead of pirates there are Italians. Lots of Italians. See, the more we think about it, this is sounding less and less like a pirateship bar after all.
Let me rephrase what I just wrote. "Tonight we went out for dinner. In a restauraunt. And we got pizza and soda."
Much better.


5 points to whoever gets the reference in the title of the post. Points will be redeemable at a later date for nothing at all.


  1. Flight of the Conchords, 'The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room'....derr =). I want my points that will be redeemable for nothing at all.

  2. Your video camera (while cool for a video camera) would be the lamest Transformer ever.

    (I'm not stalking all creepy-like anymore!)

  3. Stick with pirateship bar. It sounds much more fun. ;)

  4. I agree with Sarah. I was picturing this amazing grotto layout and everything. Way to let me down, guys.

  5. It's also more fun to pronounce "pirateship bar" as "pirateship bARRRR".

  6. That's a lot like the pirate movie. It's rated ARRRR!