Thursday, June 25, 2009

Alice is falling asleep.

It is a strange thing indeed that the portion of our journey that has felt the longest at this point was the ride to JFK from Jefferson. a 64 mile ride took well over 3 hours (and we got rear-ended on the way) and we were fairly nervous about missing our plane, but John and Megan got us there safely and since our entire plane crew was stuck in traffic, there was really nothing to worry about. A 7+hour ride to Heathrow and 2 hour ride to Venice (plus 1 car ride, thanks to Ben Lee) and we are safe at Mike's house playing with his dog and doing everything possible to stay up until 9 pm.

This is a video Chris took during our flight

And this is a video of Max and Mike's house.


  1. Aw, cute puppies! And "ah!" to getting rear-ended. I'm glad that didn't delay your trip too much, and that everyone is okay.

  2. A whole day without a post! Come on, we're holding our breath......(uf)