Sunday, June 14, 2009

Czeching Out

Okay. We were supposed to go to Prague. I was especially excited about visiting the Franz Kafka museum. But, lo and behold, the train ride from the Czech Republic to Switzerland (which was in fact our next stop) is something like 15 hours. 15 hours on a 15 hours too many when we only have so much time to see the world. We are already doing a great many hours on the trains, which is exciting, but 15 hours... We would have to leave Prague (which is a notoriously scary city) at 4am to get to the train. Instead, we are going to take Uncle Frank's advice and will be hiking the Alps in Interlaken.
We think...

Since we won't be going to the Franz Kafka museum, please enjoy some selections from the Franz Kafka Rock Opera.


  1. *stalk stalk stalk*
    Sarah H. here. Looking forward to your various Europe-y adventures. =P

  2. "Czeching Out"? For really reals? Stalking you both is going to be even more fun than I ever imagined! I would say that it's Chelsea but it would be silly of you not to already know that... order to make this comment, I had to spend a year creating a blogger account, so now I have a blog with which I do not know what to do. Life keeps on getting better and better!