Sunday, June 21, 2009

How to tell my dog I won't see her for 7 weeks...

Okay, utterly pathetic, I know, but I swear Portia gets better behaved any time Chris and I prepare to go anywhere. She gets more cuddly. She listens better. Heck, I think she even smells better (though admittedly, I believe that has more to do with her oatmeal shampoo than my future departure). And slowly, despite knowing that most of the time, she prefers my dad/mom to just about anyone in the world, I feel guilty about leaving her.
But not guilty enough...
We leave for Venice this Wednesday. We have not even done laundry (so forget about us having packing drills like some people I know -- *cough cough* Sara). I know very little Italian (poco parle italiano), but we're excited. Especially about Switzerland thanks for Uncle Frank.


  1. My dog is the same way; he very obviously prefers my mom and dad, but whenever I leave he's an instant mopey angel.

  2. "Goodbye and Good Riddence oh spawn of Satan"

    that is how you say goodbye to Portia. Glad to have been able to help.

  3. Bon Voyage and Happy Landings (twice!). UF

  4. Hm, Chelsea, I remember saying that same thing the last time we left J-dairy.