Monday, August 3, 2009


Blogs are contagious.
Despite having invented indoor plumbing, Italians have not yet mastered it (i.e., the showers alternated between hot and cold mercilessly).
All roads may lead to Rome but it is better to have to take one less train to the station.
There is such a thing as too much (or at least, too expensive) gelato.
The reasons that some stereotypes exist is because they are generally true (you usually can spot/hear an American from a mile away).
The Air Force bx has everything.
Always pack one more book to read than you think you will need. Maybe 2.
The journey is what is important, not the destination.
Kindness, sarcasm and obnoxiousness are equally translatable.
It is okay to act like a tourist when you are a tourist.
Some things are as great as the hype (Sistine Chapel, gelato).
Have a backup watch.
If you write it, they will read it.
Ipods have alarm clocks.
Italians love the 80's.
Check a map prior to any “leisurely” walk.
Don't wait for the next market – it might be closed.
In Italy, it is always the right time for a gelato
Even in towns with not much to do, it is still possible to wind up walking over 10 kilometers.
It's better to try to talk the language. People will like you better.
It helps to like the person you are traveling with when everyone else speaks another language.
The world is tiny. We went all the way to Assisi to see a New York jazz band.
Sometimes arguments happen when you're hungry.
It's worth it to try things, even if at home we would think they were cheesy.
Italian mosquito bites leave marks. Ugly purple ones.
It is nice to have something that connects you to home, even if it's a silly blog.
Ocean-themed bathrooms are fairly universal. Even in land-locked countries.
Google street-view is awesome.
Don't judge a town by the area by its train station.
Sometimes getting down is scarier than going up.
It's okay to be scared of heights as long as you don't let it limit you.
It is okay to get bored after 500 of the same painting.
It's okay to laugh at nudity sometimes – and to put it on postcards. As long as it's art.
A trouser press is not the same as an iron.
Any time before this trip spent learning language, art, history, or literature was time well spent.
Chris can navigate anywhere thanks to his map skills learned from video games.
Dirty is highly subjective.
Americans spend a lot less time outside (walking/biking/reading/eating) than Europeans.
We're fairly spoiled.
Europeans allow dogs in stores and in restaurants.
The Bologna train station needs clearer signs.
We need to learn more languages.
Everything is about 500 meters after Alice gives up.
Europeans like Ikea as much as we do – if not more.
People meet your expectations. We should expect a lot more than we do.
When mom says to bring an umbrella, bring an umbrella.
There are two types of castles – ruins and well-maintained ones. The maintained one is a Schloss.
It's always nicer going to a concert when you know the music.
Just because someone is walking a dog, it does not mean that s/he is showing it off.
Just because you can eat nothing but sweets and candy all day does not mean you should.
When planning something that is weather-permitting, have an alternative...or a sense of adventure.
You can always buy new clothes, but you can't always get real Swiss chocolate. (Thanks Katie).
The train ride to Interlaken makes the entire trip to Interlaken worthwhile.
Swiss coke tastes like diet. And most Europeans drink coke zero. If any soda.
Water looks really turquoise when there are large lime deposits.
Europeans have discovered the fountain of youth – you don't ever need to act old.
Just because it's called Swiss Miss, it doesn't mean you will see it in Switzerland.
Swiss trains rock around a lot when they get closer to the station.
Swiss movie theaters are funny.
Gene Kelly is right – everyone in Paris is American.
Paris tap water is drinkable.
There is a real Ratatoille restaurant – we just can't afford to eat there.
If you have ever yearned to hear an accordion, go anywhere in Paris.
There is nothing in the Lourve past 1848. We like art past 1848.
We like the Latin Quarter better than the Champs Ellyses.
There are some cities that Chris likes. Paris is one of them.
Sunburn hurts.
There's no place like home.


  1. I could have told you sunburn hurts...I am reminded every time the sun happens to peak out from behind a cloud. And I love how about half of the things that you learned are centered around gelato/food/chocolate.

  2. I had no idea that Ipods have alarms. You have enlightened me.

  3. I DID! Clearly, I am of a higher intelligence.

  4. "Europeans like Ikea as much as we do – if not more."
    I instantly thought of the lonely Ikea lamp from Media Studies!